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Even the most health-conscious folks have a desire to satisfy their sweet tooth. Butter, sugar, chocolate, frosting…we all have our tasty treat downfall.

When you’re feeling happy and want to celebrate a special moment in your life, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or wedding, a cake is typically at the center of that celebration.

When you’re feeling down, something like ice cream, a cupcake, a cookie, or a pastry can be the perfect pick-me-up.

Yelp Elites have picked out the best bakeries in every state to treat yourself. Let’s look at our neighboring states before we find out what the Elites picked for New Jersey.

Bibble & Sip (Facebook)
Bibble & Sip (Facebook)

New York

Bibble & Sip

253 W 51st St New York, NY

Bibble & Sip is known for its finest gourmet coffee, espresso, and pastries. All the baked goods are freshly homemade in-house, including even the smallest components such as the granola on the yogurt and the marshmallow on the hot chocolate.

Yelp Elitists truly rave about the creampuffs.

“I got their strawberry lychee yakult cream puff. Have never seen this flavor before. The white little dot on the flower is the yakult. Then the pink is the lychee and the cream inside is strawberry. 5/5 would recommend this! It wasn't too sweet. Just the right amount!”

“I loved the subtle flavors of the lychee berry cake and the choux craquelin was super satisfying. The sesame flavor was really strong and went well with the smooth pastry cream inside. Would definitely come back to try all the choux flavors.”

“Dessert: dumpling. Vanilla flavor and pandan. Delicious. Loved the combination between the creamy dumpling and the tartlet. Not too sweet. Egg Sando. Not like the one you find in Japan. The bread is different but still good! Everything Croissant. Flaky, big, tasty and fresh! Matcha cream puff. A LOT of filling, impossible to eat it without making a mess. Yummmm!”

Beiler's Doughnuts (Facebook)
Beiler's Doughnuts (Facebook)


Beiler’s Bakery

51 N 12th St Philadelphia

This popular Amish bakery located inside Reading Terminal Market in Philly has been around for over 30 years. It became one of the first Amish merchants to arrive at Reading Terminal, bringing with it, the deliciousness of Amish baking to be big city. From everything like pies, donuts, cakes, and pastries, you’re sure to find something to delight your palate.

Here are some Yelp Elitist comments.

“Amazing donuts - there was a short line but it moves quick. I was recommended these donuts from multiple people and it did not disappoint. They have so many flavors to choose from it was truly decision paralysis. Loved the maple bacon donut as well as the lemon donut. Would love to try out more flavors next time.”

“Can't go wrong with their apple fritters, I hear everyone recommending those. I also love their cake and old-fashioned donuts.”

“This was recommended as THE donut spot to visit at Terminal Reading Market. So many choices here as far as donuts go. While you wait on the long line that moves pretty quickly, you can see the bakers making the donuts and all of the various toppings and fillings they offer. I have never seen a variety on that scale. The donuts are fresh and tasty. Get the half dozen, as it is more bang for your buck."

Sook Pastry (Facebook)
Sook Pastry (Facebook)

New Jersey

Sook Pastry

24 S Broad St, Ridgewood

While the Garden State boasts some of the best bakeries around, Yelp Elitists chose a North Jersey bakery as the best in the state to get a great, fresh dessert. That would be Sook Pastry in Ridgewood.

Owner, Keum Sook Park developed a love of baking, especially pastry, at a young age while sampling treats from her mother’s kitchen in her native Korea. Sook then took this passion with her to New York City, where she studied baking and pastry at the Institute of Culinary Education and the French Culinary Institute.

Her patisserie has been a “beacon for exquisite French pastries, chocolates, and breads in Bergen County,” according to the website.

Some of the most popular pastries include The Glen (dark chocolate mousse, black currant mousse, black chocolate sponge, and feuilletine), The Oak (chocolate layer cake, chocolate ganache, and berry filling), and The Olivera (verbena tea mousse, white chocolate pineapple Cremeux, and pistachio Dacquiose).

Sook Pastry (Facebook)
Sook Pastry (Facebook)

Here's what some Yelp Elitists had to say.

“Pastries: beautifully crafted and exquisite tasting! They tasted as delicious as they look tantalizing.”

“Their little chocolate and fruit cakes were so rich and tasty. Their chocolate moose especially was so light and creamy, I loved it! We ate those for dessert and then we had a bunch of other pastries for breakfast the next day. My favorite was the chocolate croissant. We heated it up a little just to get the inner chocolate melted and it was perfect. I would definitely get treats from here again!”

“I was craving something fruity and the Tropical Tart REALLY HIT THE SPOT 1000%. Every fruit was SO fresh, it was really sweet and not sour at all, I truly enjoyed each bite of this tart! They really didn't hold back on the fruit, I mean it was LOADED with fruit.”

“Sooks is a great little spot for truly world-class French pastries and light lunch items they serve thru dinner. Croissants, plain, chocolate and almonds, outrageous lemon tart, very fancy cakes in a modern way and surprisingly reasonable prices.”

For a complete list of the best bakeries in every state according to Yelp, visit here.


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