New Jersey was ready for Monday's big solar eclipse, on the heels of last week's stunning earthq

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Unlike the unexpected quake, this event was on science buffs' radars for a long time.

Some folks had their plans nailed down months ago — others scrambled for safe viewing glasses over the weekend.

(Jersey City, Liberty Science Center via X)
(Jersey City, Liberty Science Center via X)

A viewing party at Liberty Science Center drew thousands of participants, as shared by Jersey City officials to X, formerly Twitter.

The city's account shared several photos and added "The sun was 91.2% covered, creating a near-total eclipse. You won't witness anything like this again until 2044."

Lucy the Elephant was ready for the eclipse, as seen on the Margate landmark’s Facebook page:

Evesham Police shared a photo of a canine member of the force also being safe in proper glasses, K9 Moose.

Jenkinson’s Aquarium also went for adorable, with glasses on a seal and penguin:

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New Jersey’s infamous X account, formerly Twitter, had its Jersey images ready in photoshop, showing pork roll (Taylor Ham?), a bagel and a whole pizza in place of the moon, respectively.

U.S. Senator Corey Booker of New Jersey loves a good dad joke and shared one to social media in honor of the eclipse:

Fellow Congress member Mikie Sherrill of Montclair showed her team members, with their glasses, catching a look:

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