Long before our daughter married "Charlie the Butcher," the Spadea family knew the value of having a go-to butcher shop.

We're meat-eaters, for health and taste. There's something about seeing a skilled butcher carve up the evening dinner roast, steak, or chops.

tommao wang via Unsplash
tommao wang via Unsplash

Over the weekend, in between numerous speeches, meetings, and presentations, Jodi and I were able to make good on a couple of promises I made on air about two years ago. We headed to Monmouth County for several stops and made sure to visit Palmer's Quality Meats in Neptune City.

Owner Doug Palmer and his top butcher Armand showed the shop and the walk-in freezer.

We left with a ground beef combo including organ meat. It's frozen and I'm going to hold it until our son is home from San Diego to see if this is the answer to getting the best bio-available nutrients into your body through a delicious meal.

We also stopped at Victors Meat Market in Hamilton.

Owner Victor had called the show a couple of years ago and a few weeks before he opened and I promised him I'd be stopping by. OK, it took us two years but we made it.

Meeting the family who are proud to staff the clean, well-stocked literal "corner store" in Hamilton was a highlight of our day for sure. It was great to see the steady flow of traffic coming into the shop for the evening's meat on the menu.

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