Have you already loosened your belt in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner? The clock is ticking!

But what’s possibly even better than Thanksgiving dinner is the leftovers you enjoy the next day.

There’s far less preparation, and no pressure to have a great family dinner, it’s just all around an easier time and you get to eat the same delicious food.

Christmas or Thanksgiving turkey on rustic wooden table

So what is the favorite among those in the Garden State?

A study was conducted by the team at Bet Ohio to find out. They surveyed 3,000 respondents across America to find out what the most popular Thanksgiving leftovers are.

Some of the options were roast turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, green beans, cranberry sauce, and corn.


None of those, however, were ranked the favorite by the New Jerseyans polled.

What do we in New Jersey like to 'gobble' up after Turkey Day?

The stuffing.

Turkey stuffing and cranberry sauce

This was the second most popular leftover, winning the hearts of six other states.

The favorite in the country? The main attraction: the turkey. This was the preferred leftover of forty-one total states.

Who can blame them? The soups and sandwiches made from the bird are absolute comfort food, perfect for a four day weekend.

Rounding out third place as the favorite leftover in the country was mashed potatoes.


Other insights into New Jersey Thanksgivings are that the most popular time to eat dinner is between 3 pm and 4 pm. This means Garden Staters can easily be asleep in their turkey-induced nap by 6 pm.

They were also asked what topics should be avoided at the dinner table, with the popular response in NJ being politics.

Teenage Family Having Argument Whilst Eating Lunch Together In Kitchen

Best to stick to other New Jersey disputes, let me give you some prompts:

⚫ Does Central Jersey exist?
⚫ Is it pork roll or Taylor Ham?
⚫ How much faster than the speed limit should you be allowed to go on the Turnpike?

Once you’re done with dinner, get into the Thanksgiving spirit with these movies.

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