🔴 Nine charged with operating open-air drug ring

🔴 They are suspected members of Sex, Money, Murder gang

🔴 Sex, Money, Murder is one of NJ's most dangerous gangs

PLAINFIELD — A year-long federal investigation has resulted in drug distribution charges against nine suspected members of a Bloods gang subset terrorizing New Jersey, according to authorities.

This latest drug bust focused on the Sex, Money, Murder sect of the Bloods operating in Plainfield, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced Thursday.

The connected drug dealers sold fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine in the city around West 3rd Street, authorities said.

According to a criminal complaint, police first seized a glassine envelope filled with fentanyl labeled "cotton candy" on West 3rd St. in April 2023. In the year that followed, authorities used undercover cops and confidential informants to make 24 controlled buys from the dealers.

Nine individuals are charged with one count each of conspiracy to distribute fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine. They include:

🔴 Jerry Ross, 46, of Somerset
🔴 Joseph Ross, 42, of Rahway
🔴 Luis Delvalle, 41, of Piscataway
🔴 Pernell White, 36, of Piscataway (Remains at large)
🔴 Jaquay Bell, 35, of Piscataway
🔴 Andre Gaddy, 31, of North Plainfield
🔴 Jacob Douglas, 42, of Plainfield (Remains at large)
🔴 Tarrell Strond, 42, of Plainfield
🔴 Tayeire Thomas, 26, of Plainfield (Remains at large)

Sex, Money, Murder gang

According to prosecutors, each suspect is a member of the Sex, Money, Murder gang. It is one of the most dangerous gangs operating in New Jersey.

There are several Bloods subsets and other gangs still operating in the state, according to State Police. Read about the most dangerous groups and gangsters in New Jersey below.

New Jersey's Most Dangerous Gangs and Mobsters

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