The New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway offer (usually) fast and (sometimes) convenient travel options for more than a million commuters, truckers, and commercial travelers every year. Both roads combined recorded a total of 613 million toll transactions in 2022.

Recently, I stumbled upon some information that should be positive news for all those drivers and passengers.

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I wish I could tell you they were lowering tolls on both roadways. (Unfortunately, they are increasing by about 3% as of January 1st.)

New Jersey Turnpike Tolls

Here's the big update: There are no new capital construction projects planned to begin in 2024.

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That is not to say there will not be any construction on both roadways. You will be slowed by those orange cones and barrels at times for ongoing projects, roadway upgrades, emergency repairs, paving operations, and routine maintenance.

But according to the NJ Turnpike Authority web site, the list of five ongoing major projects on the Turnpike and four on the Parkway will not be expanded until 2025:

—Turnpike Newark Bay Extension Exit 14-14C... Bridge replacement and widening. First phase of deck replacement near Newark and Bayonne already near completion. The larger improvements program is scheduled to begin construction in 2026.
—Turnpike Exit 1-4... Bridge replacement and widening. Construction scheduled to begin in 2025.
—Turnpike Exit 9-10... Bridge reconstruction and repair. Work on-going, scheduled to be completed in September 2025.
—Turnpike Eastern Spur near Exit 15E... Bridge work, lighting and drainage improvements, and guard rail upgrades. Scheduled to be near-completion as of 2023.
—Parkway near Exit 105... Bridge rehab and replacement. Scheduled to be completed already.
—Parkway Exit 140-143... Bridge repairs, side road upgrades. Scheduled to be near-completion as of 2023.
—Parkway Exit 30-36... Roadway widening and bridge reconstruction. Scheduled to be near-completion as of 2023.
—Parkway near Exit 156... Passaic River bridge improvements. Scheduled to be completed in 2025.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There are also a couple dozen projects in various stages of design and/or final wrap-up, but are not listed as causing new significant interruptions in the New Year.

For the most part, what you see now is what you'll get for the next twelve months, at least.

So set your cruise control, mount that EZ-Pass, and enjoy the ride.

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