It shouldn't come as any surprise that New Jersey is home to those who hunt. Even though we're a small state, there's a decent percentage within our densely populated state who can legally hunt within the boundaries of The Garden State.

The black bear hunt, for example, is one of those events our New Jersey hunters prepare for and participate in. But not just bears, but other game animals as well.

One thing that shouldn't be surprising is that New Jersey isn't very high on the list when it comes to how many registered hunters we have when compared to other states. What might be surprising, however, is that we're not dead last in the country with the fewest.

Matthew Maaskant via Unsplash
Matthew Maaskant via Unsplash

So where does New Jersey rank when compared to the number of registered hunters in other states? And what are some of the potential reasons that New Jersey didn't land closer to the top-ranked state?

And even though the top-ranked state shouldn't be too much of a shocker, there's a good reason why it struggles so much to get out of that number one spot.

Here's the full list, starting with #50.

States with the most registered hunters

Stacker analyzed data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to determine which states have the most registered hunters. Read on to see how your state ranks on Stacker’s list.

#47. New Jersey

The reasons behind our ranking shouldn't come as a surprise. Our dense population combined with having some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country are two of the main factors mentioned above.

Thankfully, New Jersey also ranks similarly when it comes to gun death rates among all 50 states, again most likely due to our very restrictive gun laws.

States Ranked by Gun Death Rates

Gun death rates per 100,000 are high in the U.S., and getting higher. Here's a list of states ranked by firearm safety, from lowest death rates to highest. Data for 2021 is from the CDC via Violence Policy Center.

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