Welcome to the summer season at the Jersey Shore. A great time of year when the weather is nice and the living is easy.

That time of year when visitors from all over come to visit our beaches and enjoy life. And even though many are from out-of-state, there is a select group we can count on year after year after year.

But before we get into it, let's first point out that this is all in good fun. Locals at The Jersey Shore might get annoyed with this particular group, but deep down we know they're welcomed guests.

And who might this be? Well, it's none other than the famed Benny's and Shoobies of The Jersey Shore. The groups we can always count on every summer season that invade almost every corner of our beaches.

But who exactly are Benny's and Shoobies? Those who live at or near the beaches clearly know, but do they know who they actually are?

For one thing, they're not your typical tourist at the beach. Benny's and Shoobie's are more in their own universe, but in a good way. They're our yearly guests from the north and west that we know we'll see every year, whether we want to or not.

Perhaps we're better off not revealing too much for now just to see if they can figure out if this is them or not. Again, this is all good-natured fun, especially for those visiting and living on the Jersey Shore.

And of course, feel free to share your fun take on this list in the comments.

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