✅ The encampment has outlasted Princeton University & Rutgers-New Brunswick

✅ Organizers at Rutgers-Newark have two sets of demands

✅ The school did not set a deadline for the encampment to end

Rutgers-Newark has told the organizers of a pro-Palestinian and community encampment to leave the encampment they’ve had up since May 1.

The Newark Solidarity Coalition set up an encampment on University Heights on May 1 with two sets of demands. One was for the university to cut financial and academic ties to Israel. The second set includes demands that they say would benefit the city of Newark, including for the city to provide for public housing, debt forgiveness, pro bono legal services and free dental and medical care.

In an email sent Tuesday afternoon, Senior Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs & Chief of Staff Peter Englot told protesters that the school has tried “in good faith” to meet their demands. However, they must decamp as the school prepares for "academic-year end events."

Rutgers-Newark Law School commencement is scheduled for Friday at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

"Throughout, we have listened with an open mind and have responded earnestly and meaningfully to your concerns," Englot wrote. "While we remain committed to continuing our conversations with you about these matters, we need you to leave now."

Englot did not set a deadline for them to leave, or possible repercussions if they remain.

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Response to Rutgers Newark order that a pro Palestinian encampment leave
Response to Rutgers Newark order that a pro Palestinian encampment leave (@newarksolidarity
via Instagram)

Impossible to 'leave now,' protesters say

The protesters, in a statement on their Instagram page, said it would be “impossible” for them to leave and they will "defend" the encampment. They said they "whole heartedly reject" the notion that Rutgers-Newark has negotiated in good faith and accused the university of not being truthful about its available buildings in the city of Newark.

"Your decision to threaten us through academic back channels with the idea that President Holloway is going to call the State Police on us before he is made to testify before Congress on Thursday, then to demand we leave because of graduation proceedings less than 24 hours later, is a show of bad faith," they wrote.

University leadership will be sent emails from the group with the demands they want met within the next week.

Holloway will testify before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce about the agreement he made with organizers of an encampment at Rutgers-New Brunswick. U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross, D-N.J. 1st District, is a member of the committee.

Community demands by Newark Solidarity Coalition for Rutgers-Newark

⚫ Influence the City of Newark to pass a ceasefire resolution

⚫ Reinvest in Newark by allocating three to five of its properties to establish a Community Land Trust dedicated to providing free public housing

⚫ Offer free tuition & forgive all outstanding student loan debt for all Newark residents.

⚫ Commit to monetary support for grassroots organizations as part of its reinvestment efforts in Newark. The NSC will approve allocations.

⚫ Rutgers Law School must provide pro bono legal services to all Newark residents earning less than $50,000

⚫ Rutgers must immediately cease all military recruitment on its campuses and influence other Newark colleges to do the same

⚫ Rutgers Medical and Dental Schools must offer free health care services to all Newark residents and forgive debt

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