It's human nature to be curious. To want to know what's happening around you is oftentimes a necessity in our minds.

And to see certain situations unfold might be exciting. Sometimes there's no harm in it, while other times it's downright dangerous.

For those of us who want to see everything going on, it can absolutely be hard to stop ourselves. That need to have to see severe and chaotic weather unfold, however, might cloud our best judgment when it comes to staying safe.

Unfortunately, that's also how people get hurt, or even worse. And if there's a nasty storm currently happening, here's a little short and sweet message for you.

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As most experts often preach, it's better to stay put at home unless it's absolutely necessary to venture out. Especially when torrential rain, wind, or any kind of severe weather is presenting itself.

That, of course, is assuming you're in a safe and sturdy location. Oftentimes, however, it's too late to go anywhere when conditions are at their worst.

But if you are safe at home and are itching to go out, don't. Let the roads stay clear for emergency personnel to handle whatever situations might arise.

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Not only that, but you might also potentially put yourself in danger. Should power lines come down and you come in contact with them, that could send you straight to the hospital.

It's also possible trees may come crashing down. It's simply not worth the risk to venture out during nasty, severe weather, unless absolutely necessary.

Yes, it might be tempting to see what's happening while it's all unfolding but don't be stupid. If at that moment weather conditions are wild and chaotic, please be smart and just stay home.

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