😠 Gov. Murphy is hitting NJ commuters with a double whammy

😠 Even with billion-dollar tax hike, NJT fare hikes still needed

😠 Commuters will also be hit with a toll hike starting March 1

Commuters are getting a double smack from Gov. Phil Murphy in the form of toll hikes and fare hikes for New Jersey Transit.

The toll hikes are scheduled to go into effect tomorrow, March 1, and will affect drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.

Drivers will pay 3% more.

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Gov. Phil Murphy vetoed toll hikes before the November elections, but approved them after the election was over. AP/Townsquare Media illustration
Gov. Phil Murphy vetoed toll hikes before the November elections, but approved them after the election was over.
AP/Townsquare Media illustration

While it only amounts to about 15-cents per trip on the Turnpike and 5-cents on the Parkway, it is the third toll hike in four years.

It won't be the last. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority has moved to what is known as 'indexed tolling,' which means annual increases of up to 3% every year.

Those toll hikes can automatically be approved without holding public hearings or public input.

Murphy playing politics

Toll hikes have historically been unpopular in New Jersey.

That is likely why Murphy made a show of blocking these toll hikes when he vetoed the Turnpike Authority's budget just before the November legislative elections.

At the time, Murphy said he needed more information.

Right after the election say Murphy's fellow Democrats win enough seats to retain control of the legislature, he signed off on the toll hikes.

He has refused to say what changed his mind or detail what new information he received to justify the toll hikes.

NJ Toll Hikes
Tolls are set to rise 3% on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway on March 1, 2024.

The double whammy - New Jersey Transit

The toll hikes come on the heels of word that far hikes are still likely for New Jersey Transit.

Murphy proudly announced a $1 billion dollar tax hike on New Jersey businesses during his annual Budget Address on Tuesday.

He called it a "Transit Fee," but it's a tax, and the money will be used to support New Jersey Transit. Some hoped it would mitigate the need for significant fare hikes.

It will not.

Murphy was asked on News 12 about the possibility of the fare hikes no longer being needed, and Murphy said both revenue streams would be needed.

Why? "Because that's the need," Murphy said, "The need is significant. We need New Jersey Transit. Period. Full Stop."

Republicans in the legislature say the toll hikes, business tax hike and fare increases are just the latest in a long list of broken promises from Murphy.

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