We all have different ways of getting in the Holiday spirit.

Some of us need to hear that one Christmas song that tugs at our heartstrings. Others have their favorite movie they have to watch every Dec.

Perhaps it’s not the Holiday season to you until you start seeing lights and inflatables on your neighbors’ lawns.

Kathy Byrd
Kathy Byrd

For others, it’s the first time they see cartons of eggnog on the shelves of their local grocery stores.

It turns out, as much as people like to hate on the boozy beverage every year, it’s fairly popular in the Garden State according to a recent study.

The website Wealth of Geeks surveyed 3,000 people to find out how many spiked glasses of eggnog they typically drink throughout the Holiday season.

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The average American will drink six glasses of eggnog over the month of December, which adds up to 1.2 billion across the U.S.!

New Jerseyans line up with the national average. Adults in New Jersey who consume alcohol will have about six glasses of spike eggnog this month, which equates to 37,365,068 drinks total throughout the Garden State.


Another interesting finding from Wealth of Geeks’ study is that 5:00 p.m. being used as a guide for when to start drinking is thrown out the window during this time of year.

According to the survey, respondents determined somewhere between 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to be an acceptable time to have their first eggnog of the day.

The most common alcohol added to eggnog is bourbon, rum, or brandy. Goodness knows we’ll all need a heavy pour to endure so much family time!

Other ways to liven up your beverage are a dash of nutmeg or a splash of vanilla extract.

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