🚑 Another NJ deadly e-bike crash

🏥 Man died days after electric bike hit by a car

🚲 NJ law treats some e-bikes like regular bicycles

Two New Jersey men have died after separate e-bike crashes about a week apart, police confirmed.

In Burlington County, police in Burlington City responded to the 1100 block of East Pearl Street the morning of Sept. 19, after a crash involving a vehicle and electric bicycle.

Burlington (Google Maps)
Burlington (Google Maps)

E-bike crash in Burlington City

The 35-year-old e-bike rider was identified as Ivan Makaruha, of Burlington City.

The vehicle driver, a 28-year-old man from Howell, remained at the scene, which unfolded around 7:30 a.m.

Makaruha suffered extensive injuries and was flown to Cooper Trauma Center in Camden, where he died on Saturday.

Toms River (Google Maps)
Toms River (Google Maps)

🚑 Toms River deadly e-bike crash a week later

On Wednesday around 8 a.m., Toms River police said a 33-year-old man from Little Egg Harbor died shortly after his e-bike drifted into traffic and he was struck by a car.

That driver, traveling on Route 37 near River Drive, also remained at the scene.

E-bike deadly crashes, days apart in NJ (Google Maps)
E-bike deadly crashes, days apart in NJ (Google Maps)

In Burlington, police said it was not believed that alcohol or drugs played a part in the crash, which remained under investigation.

Any person with information can contact Burlington City Police Detective Anna Czajka at 609-386-0262, Ext 221 or message us on Facebook.

🚲 What are NJ laws about e-bike safety?

Since a law signed in 2019, low-speed e-bikes and electric scooters that reach maximum speeds of 20 miles per hour or slower have been regulated much the same as ordinary bicycles.

They are allowed to operate on streets, local highways and bike paths. Riders must obey traffic signals and follow the direction of traffic.

E-bike safety (via NJbikeped.org)
E-bike safety (via NJbikeped.org)

Low-speed e-bikes do not need a license or registration.

E-bicycles that can reach speeds between 20 mph and 28 mph still require a driver’s license and registration from the MVC.

They are still not allowed on interstates, four-lane highways divided by a grass or concrete median and highways with a speed limit over 50 mph, under state law.

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