The plan is to now “Never Say Goodbye” for son of Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi. Jake Bongiovi has made it official with his fiancée actress Millie Bobby Brown.

The two were married recently in a secret ceremony only now confirmed by People magazine. The 20-year-old star of “Stranger Things” accepted 22-year-old model Jake’s proposal more than a year ago. If you recall that was the famous underwater proposal where the ring fell as she tried putting it in on and Jake raced towards the ocean floor to catch it.

The wedding ceremony itself was someone in the United States but it’s not known exactly where it happened. It was said to be extremely low key and very private but dripping with romance. Only those closest to them, their most inner of inner circles, were present.

Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash
Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash

If you feel ripped off after following this New Jersey romance from the beginning and wish there were photos there’s hope. The power couple plans a much bigger ceremony later on this year that should be quite the extravaganza.

Famous father Jon was asked about his son and daughter-in-law’s young ages and whether it was smart to be married.

“I don't know if age matters,” the Bon Jovi frontman, 62, said of them. “If you find the right partner and you grow together ... my advice really is growing together is wise. I think that all of my kids have found people that they think they can grow together with and we like them all.”

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While Jon Bon Jovi didn’t marry until his late 20s, he did marry his high school sweetheart Dorothea. With that background what other response could he have? After all he’s been married to his soulmate for 35 years.

I think most of New Jersey is happy for the young couple and we wish them lots of happy years.

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