💍Burglars entered a vacant store next to Venzio Jewelers through an unlocked door

💍Steps were taken to hide the theft from being detected

💍Police have secured video of the theft

TOMS RIVER — The investigation into a million-dollar jewelry theft from a safe inside the store at the Ocean County Mall shows the burglars were well prepared for their heist.

Thieves broke into an office at Venzio Jewelry in the food court after the mall closed Wednesday.

They went into a neighboring vacant store to cut a hole in the store's wall, according to Toms River police. Using a torch, the burglars cut phone and alarm cables before entering a safe where they removed jewels valued at $1 million. Nothing was taken from the showroom.

The thieves also covered the sprinkler heads with tape and used rags to block the bottom of the office door to keep smoke from being detected. An alarm panel was also ripped from the wall and deactivated.

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Holes in wall after break-in at Venzio Jewelry inside the Ocean County Mall, adjacent empty store
Holes in wall after break-in at Venzio Jewelry inside the Ocean County Mall (@news12NJ via X), adjacent empty store (Dave Lansing)

Other evidence

Investigators said there was no forced entry into the vacant store. The door appears to have been closed but unlocked. Police have located surveillance video and also identified "vehicles of interest" in the case.

Due to the ongoing investigation, the video and descriptions of the vehicles will not be disclosed.

Police asked anyone with information about the theft to call them at 732-349-0150.

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