⭕ Princeton University encampment organizers say the school won't negotiate

⭕ There is a process to make changes that needs to be followed by all groups

⭕ 60 members of the Rutgers Class of '24 exited SHI Stadium during commencement

PRINCETON — Organizers of the two-week-old at Princeton Gaza Solidarity Encampment issued a statement Saturday blasting Princeton University administrators for “stonewalling” negotiations with encampment representatives about divestment from Israel and four other demands.

The university has “backpedaled” on its initial discussions and instead pointed to existing institutional processes the representatives “disregards the urgency of the genocide in Gaza," according to the protesters.

“President Eisgruber has decided that some historical crises warranted a statement, such as October 7 and the beginning of the war in Ukraine. I find it morally bankrupt that the university cannot acknowledge the immense devastation and loss of Palestinian life," said Jessica Ng, a postdoctoral scholar representative.

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Demands of encampment at Princeton University encampment
Demands of encampment at Princeton University encampment (@princetondivestnow via Instagram)

No special treatment

The university in response referred to an earlier statement from President Christopher Eisgruber that acknowledges the demands but they will be considered following university protocol. No group should be allowed to get around it.

“My colleagues and I are now in direct conversation with the protestors. I have told them that we can consider their concerns through appropriate processes that respect the interests of multiple parties and viewpoints, but we cannot allow any group to circumvent those processes or exert special leverage," Eisgruber said. "I hope that we can reach a resolution that respects that principle and allows us all to move forward. In the meantime, I ask for your compassion toward those around you, and your help to build bridges across campus differences and to heal the ruptures we now confront.”

Princeton faculty have requested an "all faculty" meeting with Eisgruber and scheduled a rally Monday afternoon to make their point.

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Princeton University hunter strike participant wristbands
Princeton University hunter strike participant wristbands (@princetondivestnow via Instagram)

Hunger strike 'second wave'

After nine days the first 13 participants in a pro-Palestinian hunger strike at Princeton University stepped aside Sunday with seven new participants taking their place. Organizers said it was for "health concerns."

Rutgers University held its graduation Sunday without major interruption. 60 students got up from their seats around SHI Stadium and exited the ceremony in an impromptu walkout, a participant told NJ.com.

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