☑️ Students for Justice in Palestine feel Rutgers is ignoring their demands to divest

☑️ Protesters vow to keep their encampment going until the demands are met

☑️ President Holloway is okay with protests if they don't affect university operations

NEW BRUNSWICK — Tents went up Monday afternoon at Rutgers University after a scheduled protest demanding the school divest from Israel.

Students for Justice in Palestine & The Endowment Justice Collective set up camp on the Voorhees Mall along College Avenue and vowed not to leave until their demands for Rutgers to divest its interests in Israel are met.

"We will not leave Voorhees Mall the same way Palestinians in Gaza refuse to leave their homes until our demands are met," the group said in a statement. "There are no more universities in Gaza, why should we go to school and resume business as usual when Palestinians are being murdered for their sole crime of being Palestinians?"

University President Jonathan Holloway said he ”respects the right of students to protest in ways that do not interfere with university operations or with the ability of fellow students to learn.”

The encampment was preceded by a march promoted by a lack of action at the last Rutgers Board of Governors meeting. SJP said the board was required to address the referendum results of a student referendum that overwhelmingly supported the university divesting from Israel and ending a partnership with Tel Aviv University.

"Rutgers refused to discuss divestment in the open section. Holloway refused to acknowledge his own students," SJP's statement said.

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SJP demands for Rutgers University
SJP demands for Rutgers University (Canva)

Holloway against boycotts

A university statement said the demands are being reviewed per its investment policy.  Holloway has previously said he opposes boycotts, divestments, and sanctions. He continues to support the school's relationship with Tel Aviv University.

“I believe that enlightenment comes from involvement and that lasting progress and peace are the outcomes of diplomacy and discussion," Holloway said in April.

ALSO READ: Clash on campus: 13 protesters arrested

Pro Palestinian march at Rutgers University 4/29/24
Pro Palestinian march at Rutgers University 4/29/24 (SJP)

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