Some people love getting out in nature, roughing it and sleeping under the stars. According to a new study, New Jersey is not one of the better states for doing that. When it comes to camping, the Garden State just isn’t that welcoming, apparently.

Lawn Love is out with a new study ranking the best states for camping, and New Jersey doesn’t fare too well. Ready? We rank 36th.

To arrive at their rankings, Lawn Love looked at 25 metrics, such as campsite access, acreage, and trails. They also considered safety, supplies, camper satisfaction, and affordability.

New Jersey scored poorly in the quality of camping opportunities, with things like campsite reviews, and number of campsites with toilets/water. We are 39th in that regard; we are also 39th in affordability with an emphasis on park fees, campsite fees, and RV rental rates.

Camping at sunset at a Rv resort
Larry Crain

We also didn’t do well in the number of campsites: we have the third least; we’re also not rated too highly for safety (#32) and access (#27).

It’s interesting to note that the state that finished atop the rankings, California, also holds the record for the most park deaths between 2010 and 2020 at 300 — 151 more than the next state, Arizona.

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re interested in going camping, the best overall experience can be found, as mentioned, in California, followed by Washington, Texas, Florida, New York, Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, and Minnesota.

The bottom of the rankings belong to North Dakota, followed by Rhode Island, Louisiana, Nevada, Mississippi, South Dakota, Delaware, Alabama, Wyoming, and West Virginia.

If you’re wondering, Pennsylvania came in 17th.

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