The art of the martini is a classic cocktail that once was the drink of the upper echelon.

The wide assumption that the origin of the martini has American roots is challenged by historians who say that the drink was named after a German musician who emigrated to France in 1758, and changed his name to Jean Paul Martini in the hopes of getting received well by the music community which was comprised mostly of Italian and French musicians.

Frankie Bones, a well-established cocktail bar and restaurant along with other sources have written about the above history.

Jean Paul Martini’s favorite drink was a mixture of gin and French white wine which was widely accepted by French musicians who assigned the name Martini to the well-accepted drink.

Homemade Japanese Sake Cucumber Martini Cocktail with Vodka
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As the musicians emigrated to the United States, they brought the drink and the name Martini with them, and it spread from coast to coast as a favorite cocktail of the well-to-do.

There are other theories that claim ownership of the cocktail, but the original German Martini story is most widely accepted throughout European history and American historians. According to's list of Top 50 Best Martinis in America, La Otra Bar in Aberdeen, New Jersey, was crowned the best martini in the country.

Nestled next to the Lita restaurant is La Otra, which is an intimate bar that serves world-class cocktails. In looking over the list of interesting cocktails on their menu the selections look magnificent.

This is a bar that takes a serious but interesting approach to cocktails. The restaurant Lita has received James Beard recognition, and La Otra Beverage Director Ricardo Rodriguez is a master mixologist that also gives lessons on creating the perfect cocktail.

The award-winning martini is a creation that includes tomato water, manzanilla sherry instead of vermouth, strawberry white balsamic and a dash of olive oil.

Leave it to La Otra to serve up a Jersey martini featuring the tomato. I love it. Make it a part of your next cocktail stop

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