Prices for groceries are high no matter where you shop in New Jersey. It can feel like you are breaking the bank anywhere you go to get them.

There have likely been items you stopped buying due to price hikes. Have you kept your brand loyalty? Do you still shop at the same grocery store you always did?

Well, there's a grocery store that is almost strictly based in New Jersey. Last year they were even named the best grocery store in New Jersey.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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That store would be Kings Food Market. 

I haven't seen any of them around my neck of the woods in Southern/Central New Jersey. But when I went to college at Montclair State there was one in Montclair.

It makes sense that you wouldn't see any in South Jersey, because their headquarters is in Parsippany.

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Google Maps

Kings has 18 locations in the United States and all of them are in the Northeast with 16 of them being in New Jersey. The other two locations they have are in New York and Connecticut.

According to their website, Kings has been around since 1936. They also say this about themselves:

Google Maps
Google Maps

"We are committed to locally-grown produce, prime cut meats, the freshest fish, imported cheeses, international products, and chef-prepared foods."

Locally grown produce is the biggest headline there, at least for me. We have some of the best fresh produce here in Jersey. When you have the opportunity to get it, you have to.

Click here to find the Kings Food Market closest to you.

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