Let’s face it, by the time we get to Christmas Day, we’re all exhausted.

We’ve been dealing with the pressure of finding, buying, then wrapping the right gifts. There’s an expectation to make the holiday perfect for everyone. Plus you’ve been hearing the same 15 Christmas jingles since before Thanksgiving: tensions can be high.

That’s why a nice cocktail can make the Christmas festivities just slightly more bearable. At least for yours truly.


A study by Upgraded Points recently set out to find which adult beverage was the favorite across the United States. They looked at Google trends to “analyze the search volume of 50 seasonal libations” in order to find each state’s favorite.

New Jersey’s choice is one I haven’t had before but I’m definitely interested in trying it, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

First, the most popular holiday drinks across the country:

Taking the lead by a landslide as the countries favorite was Christmas Punch, it was ranked the most popular in 11 states.


Second place goes to eggnog: a holiday classic and the favorite in six states.


There’s a three way tie for third place: Cranberry Mimosas, Hot Buttered Rum and Irish coffee were the most popular in four states each.

Sweet homemade Rose Mimosas with Berry Syrup

As for New Jersey, we prefer to sip on a Cranberry Orange Whiskey Sour.

Now I’m no stranger to a Whiskey Sour, but I’ve never had this version of one, so like everyone else in the Garden State, I had to find out more.


How to make a Cranberry Orange Whiskey Sour


❄️ 2 ounces whiskey
❄️ 1 ounce orange juice
❄️ 1/2 ounce lemon juice
❄️ 3/4 ounce cranberry juice
❄️ 3/4 ounce simple syrup or maple syrup
❄️ Orange wheel or twist, cocktail cherry or cranberries (for garnish)

Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash
Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash


⚫ Add ingredients into a shaker with ice
⚫ Shake well
⚫ Pour over ice
⚫ Add garnish if you prefer


To read the full study by Upgraded Points click here.

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