This place looks delicious and you might have tasted it before.

It is a food truck that you might have seen at different festivals around New Jersey. I know I have grabbed a twisted steak from this food truck and it was so delicious.

Aquir, Getty Images
Aquir, Getty Images

The co-founders of Twisted Steaks say:

The salty, crunchy goodness of the warm pretzel sets off and holds the juicy cheesesteak for a true regional culinary delight.

Now, they will have a delicious restaurant in Ocean County along with their food trucks.

Their new restaurant location is located at 55 Main Street in New Egypt. I love the story of these two families coming together to create Twisted Steaks, here's their story:

Our names are David and Andrew, co-founders of Twisted Steaks.  Eighteen years ago our families met in New Egypt New Jersey  and we have been friends ever since. Our love of food had us traveling to different cities such as Philadelphia, New York City, and Las Vegas.  We attended markets, festivals, and fairs. Throughout our travels, we often dreamed of having our own food company.  In 2016,  we decided to turn this dream into a reality and started planning.  We wanted a new and exciting product and after months of research and development knew we had created something special.

I couldn't wait to taste the pretzel surrounding the deliciousness of a cheesesteak, it was so good. I would have never thought to put these two together. Very smart.

Here are several items on their menu:

Cheesesteak Pretzel, Chicken Cheesesteak Pretzel,

Pizza Cheesesteak Pretzel, Bacon Barbecue Cheesesteak Pretzel, and so much more. Click here for their full menu.

In their new location, OPENING SOON, they will offer dine-in, catering, and take-out. I can't wait to check out Twisted Steaks. If it's anything like their food trucks, you will love it.

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