I love this show, get ready to grab and find your best antiques or collections, they are coming to town.

They're heading back to film in New Jersey.

What TV show is coming to New Jersey to film?

It's the History Channel's "American Pickers" and they're going to film a couple episodes right here in the Garden State starting in April. This is exciting.

What is the TV show "American Pickers"?

It's a TV show about antiquing. The world of antique "picking" and finding the most valuable and rare antiques. Part of the "American Pickers" is recycling and rescue forgotten oldies but goodies in the hopes of giving these pieces new life, according to nj.com. This show is so cool, they're always looking for those hidden gems across the country.

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Producers are looking for interesting "things" in New Jersey. Do you think you have something that would be an incredible antique to be a part of the show?
American Pickers on the History Channel Facebook Page
American Pickers on the History Channel Facebook Page

They are looking for things they have never seen before.
If you want to be on the show, contact them at AMERICANPICKERS@cineflix.com or a phone number they can be reached (646) 493 - 2184 and leave a voicemail and please make sure to give your name and phone number and email address. You can also check out their Facebook page, by clicking here.
When you call them or email them make sure you include your name, town, and state, your phone number, where your collection is located, a description of your item or items.
I always thing to myself, I know I have something worth money. Do you think like that, too? This is what I would do, If I think I have a really good piece, I'd clean it up and let them know what I have. And just maybe, it's worth something. Good luck.
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