I hear we're going to have a cold and snowy winter in New Jersey, but we can tell from the squirrels?

I know this is totally weird but recently I was reading almanac.com, and it's true. The squirrels tails and acorns. And, it's not just the squirrels.

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There are several things that we can look to, to see if we're going to have a cold, snowy winter.

How will the squirrels show that we'll have a cold and snowy winter in New Jersey?

According to almanac.com, if the winter is going to be cold, the squirrels will store up more food. If you notice squirrels' tails are extra bushy, a tough winter could be ahead for us in New Jersey. One more thing, if a squirrel's next is high in trees, it could suggest a snowier, colder winter. If their nests are lower in a tree, a milder winter.

dgwildlife, getty images
dgwildlife, getty images

It's not just the squirrels, what about bees, what's our winter going to be like in NJ?

If bees build their nests higher up in the trees, winter could be pretty bad. There is a saying about the bees and winter:

See how high the hornets nest,
‘twill tell how high the snow will rest.

gillteeshots, getty images
gillteeshots, getty images

Here's a weird one, onions can show us if we'll have a bad winter in New Jersey.

If an onion's skin is thick, it could mean a snowy, cold winter. There's a saying for this one, also:

Onion’s skin very thin,
Mild winter coming in;
Onion’s skin thick and tough,
Coming winter cold and rough.
–Gardener’s Rhyme and it's the same with tough apple skins!

volgariver, getty images
volgariver, getty images

I'm crossing my fingers for squirrels to make their nests very low in trees, the onion has a very, very thin skin, and not so tough apple skins.

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