Get ready to be mind-blown.

Isn't film production so fascinating?  I'm always intrigued by how film crews can arrive at one place, and transform it into a completely different one.  It's movie magic!

In fact, I movie I just saw in theaters last month was filmed in New Jersey, and I had no clue up until today.  But, there was a road in one of the later scenes that looked awfully familiar.

That movie, which I'll get more into later isn't the only movie filmed in The Garden State.

One of the most famous movies filmed here is Friday the 13th.  There's an interesting documentary on Netflix called The Movies That Made Us that gets more into detail about the iconic horror film's New Jersey roots.

The real Camp Crystal Lake (actually named Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco) where the movie was shot is located in New Jersey - up in Warren County, in a town called Hardwick.

Now, we can add another horror film to the list of ones shot in New Jersey.

Director M. Night Shyamalan was raised in our neighboring state of Pennsylvania, and many of his movies are set in or around there.

His most recent film, Knock at the Cabin, is set in a cabin in Pennsylvania.  But, the movie was actually shot in New Jersey.

Per Philly Voice, Shyamalan's latest hit was filmed in Southhampton and Tabernacle.  Evergreen Dairy Bar was used as a diner in one scene (that was the part where I thought the road looked familiar).

If you haven't seen Knock at the Cabin, it's available to stream online.

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Get ready to be mind-blown.

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