It's one of the most fun places I love to come to on LBI.

I love when my friends band is playing there, it's absolutely gorgeous.

This fabulous getaway is right in our back yard. If you've never been to this great place, check it out this summer.

What is this amazing summertime resort on Long Beach Island?

It's the Sea Shell Resort & Beach Club.

We love to rent Airbnb's, but there's something special about spending time at a motel or a Jersey Shore hotel. The Shore hotels are always so much fun with the pool and the location close to the beach and hopefully you can see the beach and the ocean from the room.

This resort is definitely right on the beach. Sea Shell Resort & Beach Club in Beach Haven, LBI, is gorgeous. It's a gorgeous island resort. The island resort is just a couple of feet from the water.

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I totally agree with, "The Sea Shell Resort is basically a tropical getaway in the middle of New Jersey, and it's open for its summer season." That's exactly what the Sea Shell is.

I love the Sea Shell for the live music. They have so much to offer from grabbing burgers at their little grill and of course several upscale restaurants with a sushi restaurant and a seafood restaurant, and more.

If you are lucky enough to spend a couple of nights here while enjoying Long Beach Island, you will love the pool before you even hit the beach and the ocean. The Sea Shell is definitely one of the best Tropical getaways in the East coast.

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