I remember going to the House of Independents to see Colin Hay (Men at Work) who was doing a Q&A and showing segments of an upcoming documentary that he had been working on. In addition, he did perform several songs and it was a very enjoyable program. That's what made this particular music club unique, they had the ability to host a sit-down program, concert, film, dance, etc.

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House of Independents
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The House of Independents on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park was referred to as "one of the state’s premier clubs for punk and alternative music." Originally opening 8 years ago in 2015, announced it has hosted its last concert and has closed its doors for good in Monmouth County.


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According to NJ.com, "House of Independents, the popular downtown club in Asbury Park, has been shuttered since Sept. 29, when drenching rains overflowed nearby Wesley Lake and flooded portions of the city, wreaking havoc on several businesses. The venue announced Thursday it will remain closed, citing the damage."


Asbury Park
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If you purchased tickets for an upcoming show at the House of Independents don't worry because according to NJ.com "Events left on the House of Independents calendar are actively being relocated to other venues, with purchased tickets being honored."


The Art of Asbury Park

Fantastic Street Art in Asbury park

Gallery Credit: Shawn Michaels


Unsplash.com Baptiste MEREL


Sad to see this unique music venue close for good, but let's hope whoever buys this Asbury Park property will consider continuing it to be a concert venue. The owners of House of Independents thanked its supporters and fans for nearly a decade of fun and great music. They also highlighted the amazing staff they had working for them and thanked them as well.


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