Jay Vaughan says it he was inside his house in Mays Landing, New Jersey watching for a potential buyer to show up to take a look at the truck he had for sale.

His 13-year-old son, Troy, was in the driveway shooting a basketball.

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Jay says he was watching his security camera on his phone, waiting for the buyer, when he saw something happen, that he didn't immediately process.

"I thought my son was messing around putting our dog in the bed of the truck and I thought I saw him jump out. I heard it as well...."

It was a deer, leaping over one vehicle and straight into the bed of his pickup truck - the same truck that a potential buyer was looking to purchase. The buyer, by the way, literally just pulled in front of the house as the deer was making its flight!

Watch this deer leap over a van and into the back of the truck!


Jay says, "My son was completely freaked out and could barely articulate what he just witnessed."

Apparently, the potential buyer also witnessed what happened, and thought, "This is just my luck."

While the deer looked no worse for the wear, the truck took some damage. Jay says the deer badly damaged the side of the truck bed.

The guy still bought the truck!

Courtesy of Jay Vaughan
Courtesy of Jay Vaughan


The guy decided to go ahead and buy the truck, although Jay says he had to drop the price, due to the damage.

Even though he lost money on the deal Jay says, "It's still funny and I love that people can laugh at my expense."

Did you see that deer leap! Whoa!

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