"Text me when you kids are done, and I'll come and pick you up", says Mom dropping off the kids at the beach.

Pretty normal current behavior, right?

Google Maps
Google Maps

What did we do before cell phones?

What if your kids didn't have cell phones, how would you connect?

You would probably set up a pick-up time and location.

What if the kids were tired of the beach early, then what?


Back "in the day" we somehow managed to survive without cell phones - could kids today do it?

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Southern New Jersey Prepares For Hurricane Sandy
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Cape May business pitching it to help

Over the weekend, the folks at Southend Surf Shop in Cape May announced a pretty cool thing they're doing to help kids and families.

Call it some "old school" thinking.

Southend Surf Shop has announced on Facebook they're offering free use of their land-live telephone to all beachgoers.

Is it 1987 again?

Photo by Ronald Crow on Unsplash
Photo by Ronald Crow on Unsplash

Free phone service at Cape May Beach

Southend posted that the free service is now available at their store at 311 Beach Avenue, in Cape May.

If you can't trust the kids to hit the sand and water with a $1,000 cell phone, tell them they can pop into Southend and use their phone to call you when it's time to pick them up.

What a great idea, right?

Southend Surf Shop posted, "They can't send their friends Snaps, or post their amazing dance routines/convulsions to TikTok from the landline, but they can call mom, dad or Funcle Donnie to check-in, arrange a ride, or tell you about the lip they just ripped off."

Kudos to Southend Surf Shop for solving a problem we didn't know we had!

SOURCE: Facebook - Southend Surf Shop

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