Hey! There's a deer! And, there he goes into the pool!

A New Jersey homeowner caught on video a deer crashing throw his house and a window and then racing across his yard and leaping into his pool.

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Perhaps the deer was running away from a bear - a little fawn was caught on a camera in Cumberland County last weekend NOT getting away from a bear.

Fox29 had the story and the video from Marc Twersky's house last week. It caused quite a bit of destruction inside the house. It also left behind what looks like a lot of blood.

Towards the end of the video, it appears that the deer was headed to the ladder to climb out of the pool, but that's not what happened. Fox29 says animal control officers came to the home and got the deer out of the pool. The deer was then released. Officers say while the blood looked a little nasty, the deer didn't seem worse for the wear.


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