Here's something you probably didn't know - and probably don't feel.

Average New Jersey resident, you make a lot more money than people do in other states.

(Why don't I feel like it???)

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Do people make a lot of money in New Jersey?
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New Jersey's income is higher than most states

USA Today has released its study into average salaries in the United States and New Jersey residents, on average, make more than people who live and work in other states.

According to the study, the national average salary was $59,384. By the way, that's up 5.4% from a year earlier.

Here in New Jersey, the average salary is $76,128. That slightly increased over a year earlier, when it was $74, 932.

By comparison, the highest salary by state winner was in Massachusetts, where residents have an average salary of $86,840.

The lowest average salary was in Mississippi, which was $48,048.

Income in New Jersey
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A closer look at the numbers

According to the USA Today study, the country's highest earners are those aged 35 - 44. The lowest earners were those aged 16-24.

The highest wage earners in the USA were cardiologists, bringing home an average of $421,330.

The lowest wage earners are shampooers, with an average salary of $27,870.

Making Money in New Jersey
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Where does our money in New Jersey go?

While New Jersey residents' salaries are higher than average, why doesn't feel like it?

Where does our money go?

Certainly, the cost of living in New Jersey is higher than in other states. Mortgages, rent, and insurance lead the way in taking a bigger bite out of our paychecks.

If you'd like to delve into the numbers further, check out the complete USA Today story here.

Maybe we just need to hit the lottery!


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