Gotta have Wawa, right New Jersey?

New Jersey has the most Wawa locations, but it looks like the Garden State is about to be passed. More and more Wawas are coming.

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Wawa Locations
Photo by A n v e s h on Unsplash

How many Wawa locations are there in New Jersey?

According to the data site, New Jersey is currently home to 288 Wawa locations, the most of any state.

Doesn't it seem like Wawas are everywhere here in South Jersey?

Wawa currently has 1,044 locations.

Florida has the second most locations at 275. With expansion happening in Florida briskly, Florida will probably soon be passing New Jersey for the highest number of stores.

Wawa currently has 253 locations in Pennsylvania - the 3rd most of any state.

Future Wawa expansion is planned

Wawa is already expanding well past its current locations.

According to, expansion is already underway with more planned in states like North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Alabama.

Wawa is a privately held company that traces its history back to 1902 and the Wawa Dairy in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

The first Wawa Food Market opened in Folsom, Pennsylvania in 1964. The first New Jersey and Delaware locations were opened in the late 1960s.


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