We shared the story of a woman reportedly seeing a mountain lion off the roadway, south of Millville. She stated that she was sure what she saw was a mountain lion or cougar.

This follows a report earlier this year where a Galloway woman reported seeing such an animal while out walking her dog.

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Now, we've received several reports of others in New Jersey who also say they saw a mountain lion.

BT wrote us about his experience:

"One other gentleman and myself almost 10 years ago saw a mountain lion on our worksite in Clinton NJ. It was late October and leaves were mostly down on our 500+ acre site. In the spray field which is leased to a local farmer, I was driving the roadway down to another building on our site and saw slinking quite quickly a large deer colored cat with a body close to 4 ft long and a tail about the same length. I know bobcats and it definitely wasn’t one especially having a 3+ foot tail that was quite thick.
I mentioned it to several coworkers and nobody believed me! Then, a gentleman who worked in our IT department said, “I believe you. I saw it too while jogging at lunchtime.” At least someone else believed me.
        My cousin and her boyfriend, who own 40 acres in Mansfield Twp NJ saw one on their property as well. They definitely are here! I don’t doubt that woman’s experience in south Jersey one little bit! Just a matter of time until fish and game acknowledge it. With all the deer, geese and other prey everywhere, why wouldn’t they be here!!!!"

KL had this to say:

"Several years ago my husband and I were walking the oval path at Natirar.  We were on the left of the stream and saw a big mountain lion perched on a log on the other side.

We told one of the park rangers.  He said there had been evidence of a shredded deer on someone’s lawn in the area.
We are positive about what we saw.  It had the colorings and was huge!"
One more report. RB writes:
"I read your article with amazement. I saw one in my backyard in the spring. I called state police who laughed at me. Unfortunately I did not get a picture since it was at the very far end of my yard. I live in Upper Deerfield Township Cumberland County."
The state says flatly that there are no mountain lions or cougars in New Jersey. What do you think?
If you have had an encounter, please email us details: joe.kelly@townsquaremedia.com.

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