Hang onto your little iron, don't pass go and don't collect $200 - they're making a movie based on the Monopoly game!

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Margot Robbie's company to take on Monopoly on the big screen

Variety reports that Margot Robbie, hot off producing the hit movie, Barbie, will be involved in the Monopoly movie.

As almost anyone knows, the board game is based on the streets of Atlantic City.

It was patented in 1935, and generations of kids and families have spent hours playing the popular game.

Many of the streets on the board game still exist today.

Variety reports that Robbie, her company and partners will join with Hasbro in producing the live-action movie.

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Union Station Hosts Monopoly Tournament
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Will Atlantic City get a starring role in the movie?

No word from Variety on whether or not Atlantic City will play a prominent role in the film.

(We certainly hope so!)

Boardwalk and Park Place fans will have to eagerly await more word on the film, which was officially announced this week, according to Variety.

What sights and scenes of Atlantic City would you like to see in the movie? Who should star as Rich Uncle Pennybags? (Donald Trump?)  How about the thimble? The shoe?

Hopefully we'll soon here that the movie will take place and be filmed here. Wouldn't that be great?

SOURCE: Variety

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