If life is getting to you and you need to escape before you lose your mind, check out of the day-to-day and check into one of these relaxing spas in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

A Spa Day to Melt Your Cares Away


Whether you need an hour or two of alone time, a good massage to work out all the kinks, or just a soak in a warm hot tub or jacuzzi, spas are designed and dedicated to giving you back a sense of well-being.

Lay Your Hands on Me

Hot Stone Massage
Engin Akyurt/Unsplash

The day spas available in Atlantic City offer so many ways of destressing. Sure a massage or facial will do the trick, but you can take your pampering up a notch with some time in an oxygen bar, a touch of aromatherapy, or absorbing the energy of Himalayan salts or hot stones.

Veg Out

Why shouldn't you take a bit of time for yourself to lay around or wander around from room to room at one of these spas where the staff is on hand to take care of YOU! Enjoy a cup of herbal tea or a mimosa. Let someone cover you in seaweed or chocolate if they tell you it's therapeutic. Keep an open mind when it comes to self-care!


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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

And sometimes the best self-care is in the company of your besties. Pick one of these spas for your next catch-up day and leave not only feeling refreshed but reconnected!

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