There's a new dating trend on the rise in New Jersey. It's called 'dry' dating. Have you tried it?

Getting to know someone can be hard. If you're on a date with a prospective romantic interest, the stakes are even higher. While conversation over cocktails can lighten up the mood it can also make you feel uninhibited, maybe sooner than you intended.

I'm sure you've heard the term 'beer goggles'. Like when you've been drinking, and someone looks and seems better than they might actually be. Perhaps someone is not up to your dating standards, but you go with it because in the moment with beer and liquor flowing it feels like a good idea. These two scenarios and others are probable reasoning as to why 'dry' dating is trending.

What is Dry Dating?

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'Dry' dating means going a date where alcohol is not involved and the trend is becoming increasingly popular, especially among Gen Z and Millennial singles.

Recent statistics back up the growing interest in 'dry' dating. According to, a leading dating industry site, 68 percent of singles believed their connection with their date was stronger because of being alcohol-free. Moreover, 87 percent think 'dry' dating gives a potential romantic scenario a healthier foundation for becoming a lasting relationship.

Dating News found that 23 percent of Gen Z and Millennial singles say they felt pressure to drink on a date even if they didn't want to.

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Young singles reportedly like sober dates because they foster more focused conversations and better connections.

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New Jersey Singles are Doing a Lot of 'Dry' Dating

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81 percent of Gen Z and Millennial singles report going on a 'dry' date this year. 66 percent of unattached New Jersey young adults prefer an alcohol-free date. I'm a Gen Xer but I love this concept. Alcohol can sometimes bring out the worst in a person, so having cocktails, especially on a first date, could leave a bad impression.

Have you ever insisted on a 'dry' date? If so, how did your date react to your preference?

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