As a primary travel corridor for the Northeast, there is a high volume of traffic that travels through the state of New Jersey every day.  With so many long and short-distance commuters driving through the Garden State on a daily basis, it makes traveling around New Jersey tedious, but is it dangerous?

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, the FBI, the Census Bureau, and other sources gathered by MoneyGeek, New Jersey is ranked as the worst Driving Experience in the United States.

Thanks in part to the second-worst Road Quality and the Worst Traffic Congestion in America, the data gathered shows only 55% of New Jersey roads are considered "in acceptable condition".  These factors can lead to dangerous intersections and is a reminder to be extra cautious when traveling around The Garden State.

How Dangerous Are New Jersey's Traffic Intersections

Research by The Fang Law Firm has gathered information about how dangerous different intersections are around the United States.  According to the results of The Fang Law Firm research, four of the top fifteen deadliest intersections in the United States are in New Jersey.

This data, based on information gathered from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Reporting System, reveals that New Jersey has the third most traffic accident deaths at intersections in America.  This information was gathered from the NHTSA FARS system by the Florida Personal Injury Lawyers Anidjar & Levine.

New Jersey has a rate of 32.61% fatality rate at intersections, that is 988 out of 3,030 traffic accident deaths occur at crossroads.  The state of New York is in second place on the list with a 34.06% rate of fatalities at intersections and Florida is number one on the list at 35.11% of all deaths from vehicle accidents happening at intersections.

Ocean County intersection in New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

The four most dangerous intersections in New Jersey:

*Lalor Street and State Route 129 in Mercer County
*East Jersey Street meets US Routes 1 and 9 in Union County
*Massachusetts Avenue and State Route 70 in Ocean County
*East Grand Street meets US Routes 1 and 9 in Union County

None of this surprises me considering about ignorant some drivers can be as I recently wrote about the Six of the Most Annoying Intersections in Cape May County.  It is more than fair to say if more people had better awareness and were less distracted while driving, you would assume there would be fewer traffic accidents.

We know driving in New Jersey is not always a great experience, but these actions by drivers are on the list of most annoying in The Garden State.  Which of these is your number most annoying?

10 Annoying Things New Jersey Drivers Do

Sure, as residents of the Garden State, we certainly have privilege to criticize out-of-state drivers, but here are a bunch of reasons New Jersey drivers should be cranking up their radio volume when Taylor Swift sings, 'It's me. Hi. I'm the problem, it's me.'

Gallery Credit: Heather DeLuca