Need some good news? 15 people won a total of $1.5 million at a single Atlantic City casino in a single day.

How? Well, it had nothing to do with slot machines, poker, or blackjack.

In fact, none of these people were actively playing any casino games.

New Jersey Lottery's Million Dollar Replay

New Jersey Lottery's Million Dollar Replay Grand Prize drawing was held on Friday at Golden Nugget in Atlantic City where more than $1.5 million in prizes were awarded to some lucky players.

Golden Nugget in Atlantic City NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman
Golden Nugget in Atlantic City NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

A total of 15 people won prizes ranging from $10,000 to a cool million bucks — and it was Brian Heck of Gloucester County who walked away a millionaire.

Throughout all of last year, lottery players submitted non-winning scratch-off tickets online for a second chance to win big prizes.

Each quarter, 100 names were selected and awarded a $250 prize, as well as entry into Friday's grand prize drawing.

Jersey Cash 5 New Jersey Lottery Winner
New Jersey Lottery Winner WPGG - Photo: TSM Illustration

Fifteen prizes were awarded, along with five $1,000 door prizes, five scratch-offs packs worth $300 each, and five gift baskets.

Upon winning $1 million, lottery officials said Heck, "remained at a loss for words as the crowd celebrated him" and he intends to use the money to buy a house.

James Carey, New Jersey Lottery Executive Director, said in a statement, "Once again, New Jersey Lottery players who were quarterfinalists in the Million Dollar Replay contest came to Atlantic City for fun, entertainment, and their chance to become a millionaire. For the 13th consecutive year, we were happy to see our players enjoy the ultimate do-over with their opportunity to win $1,000,000!"

A walk around the closed Atlantic Club Casino in Atlantic City

The Atlantic Club closed in January 2014 and not much has happened there since.

Gallery Credit: Chris Coleman