The Atlantic City, New Jersey area is famous for its great cheesesteak subs … which are served on the finest sub rolls (Italian bread) in America.

As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to revisit this wonderful and delicious submarine sandwich, that is only available in the Atlantic City area.

A few times during year, we turned to our great listeners and readers, who were not shy to weigh-in with their opinions and choices.

Yogi Hiltner submitted the Sack 'O Subs cheesesteak sub as his favorite.

Pop Haeser Says "Believe it or not, the best cheesesteak I've had in south jersey was the teriyaki cheesesteak at Bulldog's in Galloway a few years ago. Full disclosure though, I was SUPER hungry at the time lol."

Tommy Howell says White House and Vic's.

David Evangelist submits Sugar Hill!

Katie Hurley Hanlin writes, "Just ordered one the other day when I was craving it! My go to cheesesteak is Atlantic City sub shop ... American cheese and fried onions for me!"

Lauren Hurley Lauriello gives the nod to Dino's, Margate, adding with "provolone and bacon."

Jon Baker didn't hesitate... "White House - Steve Matthews special." Jon provided the photo below.

Jon Baker photo.
Jon Baker photo.

Kristin Hurley Baker says ... You can mix it up, Cheesesteak Ole from Tony Boloney’s  Not traditional, but delicious and award winning." Here it is below:

Kristin Hurley Baker photo.
John Heinz photo.

It looks messy … but, tastes delicious.

Matt Hanlin's favorite according to Katie ... "If anyone even gets to Baglianis in Hammonton, Matt's favorite is the filet mignon cheesesteak."

Karen Hurley McDonald offers ... "White House cheesesteak or Dinos Margate. I suddenly want a cheesesteak!"

We have that effect on people when we do this!

Don Hurley's favorite is "Pete's Subs Egg Harbor Township Chicken Cheesesteak." Don also gives Pete's a high grade for their tomatoes. See below.

Don Hurley photo.
Don Hurley photo.
Don Hurley photo.
Don Hurley photo.

Mark Crego says that the best cheesesteak sub is from "6th Street Pizza in Ocean City, NJ."

Commander Bill Butler says "Vic's Absecon .... and that's coming from a former Philadelphian..."

Jack Vidro joins Bill, saying Vic's Absecon.

Shawn Rowan writes "Pete's in EHT Cheesesteak - Romano's in Somers point. Charlie's (Somers Point) cheesesteak isn't too bad either."

Sean Cherico says it's the White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City. See why below!

Sean Clerico photo.
Sean Clerico photo.

Dawn Marie says Sugar Hill in Mays Landing.

For Al Passarella, it's JoJo's in Pleasantville.

Tracy Allen agreed with Al Passarella.

Spencer Paul McDonald offers "To step outside the normal answer's, get a Buffalo bacon chicken cheesesteak from Pizza Di Palermo."

Katie Hurley Hanlin followed up to Spencer's post, saying: "Spencer Paul McDonald gotta agree Buffalo chicken cheesesteaks are so good! Roses Garden Grills "Buffalo Bill" is amazing!"

Jessica Berry, Chris Connor, Charles Deveney, Tim Wainright and Jill Ann Perry-Zaborowski all say that Dino's in Margate as their favorite cheesesteak sub.

Tracy Allen says "Johnny D's in Pleasantville! I had one today!"

John Devlin says it's Spanky's.

Mayor Tom Bassford agrees with Devlin, adding "love Spanky. Great subs & one of Galloway's finest & Carmen."

Jeannie Medinger Tate says "I don't indulge often but when I do it's McHugh's in Galloway."

Maurice Travis gives the nod to "Vic's Subs - Absecon, NJ."

Jennifer Ramp O'Brien Day votes for Sugar Hill

Mark Murray says that the best is Carluccio's.

Just like Kristin Hurley Baker says, Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman John Heinz says it's Cheesesteak Ole' Tony Baloney's.

Heres John's photo:

John Heinz photo.
John Heinz photo.

"The Swami," Curt Somers says it's "White

House with American cheese, raw onion, lettuce, and tomato."

Frank Brennan says it's Pete's Subs in Egg Harbor Township.

Linda DeChristopher says that White House the best.

Scott Stetzer says "CSLTXT. White House, Dinos or Pete's.

Zach Eagles Talbot says Original White House.

Frank Levin... "I'm not too picky, but I'll take a Dino's right about now."

Elizabeth Hoster says "Mama Mia's in Marmora."

Patrick K. Hurley - "Chico & Sons Northfield.

MaryAnn Moscato Butler agrees - Chico's Northfield.

Well, Liz Shapiro didn't submit her favorite cheesesteak... instead, she sent us this ... "White House Special."

Liz Shapiro photo.
Liz Shapiro photo.

Last, but, not least ... Rodger Gottlieb wrote us ...

"Dinos, Sack O's and the rest are all pretty great. But there's only one White House. Every other business I know, you either change with the times or you die.

The White House is the only business I know that succeeds without changing anything (except prices, of course),” said Gottlieb.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our listeners and readers for taking the time throughout the year to submit your favorite cheesesteak subs in the Atlantic City area.

As you can see, this is a very representative sampling of just how many fabulous cheesesteak subs are available in the Atlantic City area.

Bon appétit.

Directly below, are some great photo galleries, featuring food photos taken by our listeners and readers.

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