Just look at the featured photograph above.

The sprawling footprint and the awesome waterfront location makes this one of the greatest restaurants - along with it being such a hub of many wonderful activities - in all of Atlantic City, New Jersey history.

This is Captain Starn’s.

It successfully and dynamically operated during the 1940’s through the 1970’s

Captain Starn’s was undoubtedly one of the most beloved restaurants in Atlantic City, ever!

It was one of the jewels in the crown in all of Atlantic City history and it literally was one of the most famous seafood restaurants in America for more than 30 years.

It opened in 1940 by Clarence Starn.

It wasn’t just a restaurant … it was a complex that had fine dining, fishing boats, speed boats, sightseeing motor and sailboats, along with the sea lions … that you could feed while visiting.

In 1979, Captain Starn’s, along with the restaurant, boats and amusements all closed forever.

We have so many amazing family memories visiting Captain Starn's. From dining, boating, to feeding the sea lions.

Here are some of the many activities that were available:

  • Expansive restaurant.
  • A fleet of fishing and speed boats.
  • A sailboat.
  • A trolley that led from Longport directly to
  • Captain Starn's.
  • And, my absolute favorite was feeding the sea lions. This is a wonderful childhood activity that I have never forgotten.
Kenneth McIntyre photo.
Kenneth McIntyre photo.

Yes, you could go on an all day, deep sea fishing trip (8 hours) for just $ 4.00.

Here is a great description about everything that Captain Starn’s was:


I hope that you enjoyed this fun walk down Atlantic City Memory Lane.

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