Vintage shopping and thrifting are such a huge trend in this day in age. I’d say for about the past 10 years or so, everyone has been on the trend of thrifting their clothes, furniture, accessories, and more.

Even celebrities are on the trend of vintage shopping, including actress Emma Roberts.

Who is Emma Roberts?


Emma Roberts is a singer, actress, and producer who is known for her work in the Nickelodeon show Unfabulous, and the movie Aquamarine and has been featured in multiple seasons of the hugely popular FX show, American Horror Story.

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In a recent video interview that was just released on YouTube by Architectural Digest, Emma Roberts revealed one of her favorite vintage stores to shop in is actually located right in New Jersey.

Where is Grayford's in Montclair, New Jersey?

Emma reveals that her favorite vintage store is located in Montclair, New Jersey and it’s called Grayford’s. This vintage store has been around for decades and has the most unique pieces of antique clothing, furniture, and decor.

On their official website, they have a lot of their items listed along with pictures and prices for you to check out. Right now, you can see they have an antique Orchard Ladder that dates back to the late 1800s and more.

“We specialize in curating vintage and vintage-inspired goods that offer patrons a glimpse of the past when culture and craftsmanship was evidenced in every stitch, weave, line, brush stroke, and color palette.” -

Grayford’s has been around since 1931 and if you’re extremely into vintage clothing and decor, this is a spot you have to check out. Check out Emma Roberts’ interview with Architectural Digest here and you can visit Grayford’s website, here!

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