St.Patrick's Day is this week; of course, everyone hopes that good vibes will come their way. The most giant and craved pot of gold of all is the lottery, and apparently, New Jersey is pretty lucky compared to other states in the United States. did a study on the luckiest states in America and New Jersey residents may be shocked at where we rank. When taking polls to survey over 1,000 Americans on how lucky they've been with winning anything lottery-related and also studying lottery data for each state, New Jersey has come out towards the top.

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A report made by states that New Jersey is considered to be the third state with the most jackpot wins. Does this truly make us the luckiest though? After looking at data from other states, we are at over double of jackpot wins than most states in just the last 10 years.

@njlottery via Instagram
@njlottery via Instagram

27 people in the state of California have claimed lottery winners which puts them just above New York which has had 22 jackpot winners.

The report also says that the unluckiest state in the US when in terms of jackpot wins in Arkansas which has had 0 wins within the last 10 years.

So, use the luck of the Irish this week and buy yourself a lottery ticket, NJ!

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