Thirsty? Want to have some fun? You're in luck.

A New Jersey bar has been named one of the best bars in America.

Wow. That's a big deal. You don't have to go far for a really cool bar.

In Esquire's summer issue, on newsstands Tuesday, June 4th, and online right now, there's a list of the Best Bars in America for 2024.

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These are bars that have the best vibes, the bars where you love to hangout with your friends, the bars you can't wait to get to after a long day.

Esquire Culture and Lifestyle Director, Kevin Sintumuang, said, "Bars have always been that third place, the spot where you hang outside of work and home. But, as we've discovered crisscrossing the country over the past twelve months to visit the new bars, they're doing that in more nuanced and varied ways than they have in a long time."

La Otra in Aberdeen, NJ makes Esquire's list of Best Bars in America

The list is broken down by state. The pick for best bar in New Jersey is....drumroll, please...La Otra in Aberdeen (Monmouth County).

Here's what Esquire had to say about La Otra: "The bar next to Lita (one of Esquire's Best New Restaurants last year) is a destination in its own right - don't let its proximity to a bowling alley or ice cream parlor dissuade you. Whereas the drinks at Lita look at classics through an Iberian lens, at La Otra beverage director, Ricardo Rodriquez, is a bit more free-wheeling. But like the best bars attached to restaurants, the drinks are on the culinary side, such as the Tzatziki, which uses vodka, aquavit, cucumber, dill, and yogurt, or the Nordic Old Fashioned, which will make you a fan of smoked butter."

Instagram follower, ginalzr commented, "Omg!! The Tzatziki is by (far) the most amazing drink ever!! You guys deserve all the hype, you're outstanding."

Many more agree, as the congratulations comments came rolling in.

Check out the entire list of the Best Bars in America for 2024 by clicking here.

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