Another natural phenomenon just happened in New Jersey!

If you happened to be awake early Wednesday morning, you might have seen the fireball that lit up the sky in New Jersey! It was seen in several areas in the Garden State, and also in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania, according to FOX Weather.

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The American Meteorite Society (AMS) received over 40 reports of a "fireball" that flashed up the sky around 3:45 am ET on Wednesday, April 10.

You can get a pretty good look at it from this doorbell camera footage in Wall Township!

Here's another incredible video of it flying across a neighborhood in Millville.

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I myself just so happened to be awake at 3:45 am, and I saw the flash of light from outside reflect from my bedroom wall! There were two bright flashes, but I'd assumed it was lightning, so I paid it no mind. It had the exact shade of green as in the video. Pretty cool to realize now what it was!

Lyrid meteor shower will start April 15

There's more to come! This incredible occurrence is only the beginning.

A Lyrid meteor shower is set to begin around April 15 and last all the way until April 29. According to, the shower will peak on April 22.

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Will we be able to easily observe the Lyrid shower? According to, "In a dark sky with no moon, you might see 10 to 15 Lyrids per hour. The Lyrids are known for uncommon surges that can sometimes bring rates of up to 100 per hour!"

Keep your eyes to the sky! More sightings are sure to follow!

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