They're not only one of the largest grocery retailers in the state, but it's also one of the largest in the region and the entire country.

But, yet, they're closing stores. Why is it? And what does it mean for New Jersey ShopRite stores?

ShopRite Closes Stores in New York

ShopRite recently closed a handful of stores in the Capital region of New York State (that's the Albany area).

In a statement issued to 94.5 PST and Townsquare Media, the company confirmed they've decided to close stores in the Capital region of New York State.

Stores in Albany, Colonie, Niskayuna, Slingerlands, and North Greenbush, NY closed back in December, Spectrum News reports.

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At the time of those closures, they had been serving customers for nearly a decade, Karen Meleta, the Chief Communications Officer for ShopRite's parent company, Wakefern Food Corp told us.

"We entered the marketplace a little over a decade ago to bring a quality supermarket to the area," Meleta said. "Unfortunately, we have not been able to sustain the level of sales needed to keep the stores operating today."

Is ShopRite About to Close Your New Jersey Grocery Store?

ShopRite operates over 300 stores across six states — Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

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In New Jersey itself, ShopRite certainly has quite a large presence. They are obviously one of the largest retailers in the entire state. So this raises questions about what may happen to your neighborhood store in New Jersey.

So we asked: is ShopRite planning any upcoming closures in New Jersey?

We have good news... no store closings are planned for New Jersey, a Wakefern Food Corp. spokesperson assured us.

In fact, elsewhere across New Jersey, the retail chain continues to grow. In one such instance, a new store opened in the Center Square Plaza this spring in Woolwich Township this spring. 

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As a whole, ShopRite consists of 50 individually owned and operated affiliates with over 300 stores. In our area, the largest Wakefern member is the Saker Family which owns approximately 40 stores in Central Jersey through the cooperative with Wakefern.

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