The infamous aviator-style eyeglasses serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer wore in prison are currently for sale for $150,000.

According to TMZ, the notorious glasses are being sold by Taylor James, the founder of Cult Collectibles. The Canada-based shop specializes in cult-related collectibles and true crime "murderabilia."

James told TMZ he is finally willing to part with the glasses the Milwaukee-based murderer wore. However, the glasses aren't the only notable piece in his collection.

James claims he acquired Dahmer's glasses and several other personal items — including Dahmer's cutlery, bible, family photos and other memorabilia — from a former housekeeper.

Cult Collectibles' website currently features many of the items for sale in its Jeffrey Dahmer collection. Parties interested in the glasses, however, must reach out to James directly; they are not available to purchase directly from the web shop.

Jeffrey Dahmer is currently and controversially back in the cultural zeitgeist due to a new Netflix series starring American Horror Story alum Evan Peters as the serial killer.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story tells the grisly story of the Milwaukee killer, who was arrested and convicted of killing 17 boys and men between 1970 and 1990.

The Tab reports one minor mistake seen in the Netflix series is that Dahmer didn't actually wear his signature spectacles in the courtroom in real life.

Allegedly, Dahmer didn't want to make eye contact or be able to see the families of his victims during the court proceedings.

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