Time to put in the effort and really woo your partner this Valentine's Day!

Now, us folk from Jersey might as well be classified as our own species because well....we are.

So here are some good ideas for this upcoming V-Day so the night ends on a great note.

1. Jersey Pizza

Gift cards or going out to dinner at the best of the best pizzeria because everyone needs a good old slice of pizza to calm the soul.

2. Beach Passes

A lot of the Jersey Shore beaches are beginning their sales for the 2018 summer season. This gift will definitely get used and she will think of you every time she uses it!

3. Jersey Bagels

Not to continue the food theme, but the bagels in New Jersey are hard to come by and can't really be found elsewhere. So get her a gift card, or surprise her with one the morning after!

4. Jersey-Themed Merchandise

This gift idea gives you so many options! There are t-shirts, charms, necklaces, bumper stickers, wine glasses, and who knows what else you can find! Trust me, she will display these gifts loud and proud.

5. Along The Beach Event Tickets

One of the first events I ever attended at the Jersey Shore was the Oyster Festival that was held in Asbury Park. It combined fresh seafood, Prosecco, and it was all right on the beach. A lot of Jersey Girls will love these kind of events and will appreciate you taking the extra step to do the research.

6. Summer Tools

We don't want to say it because it is months away but we are all thinking about summer and want to be prepared to do so. There are new beach chairs, towels, and plastic cups that you can take on the beach without worrying that you are going to break glass.

7. Jersey Sand

Bear with me before you run in the opposite direction but a locket with a tablespoon of sand from her favorite beach is absolutely adorable. The beach is always with her no matter where she goes.

8. Jersey Shore Photo

There are companies that allow you to take a picture of your favorite beach spot and will even include the exact coordinates of its location. Just something adorable to use to Jersey up her apartment with that good old beach feel.

Did I miss any major ideas? Comment below!

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