The Jersey Shore has some of the best Chinese restaurants around. It's really another great perk of living at the Jersey Shore.

But when it came to crowning the best Chinese restaurant in each state, there was no Jersey Shore choice in sight. As a matter of fact, the restaurant chosen is exactly 68 miles from Asbury Park.

The choices were made by Cheapism. They named the top Chinese restaurant in every state in the nation, and when their attention focused on the Garden State, they focused on a spot in Cherry Hill.

I do give them credit for not just spotlighting the towns that normally get all the attention, like Cape May, Atlantic City, or in the case of food, Newark. Those towns and cities have great Chinese restaurants, but that won't make Jersey Shore Chinese food lovers feel any better,

The choice for the Garden State was Han Dynasty in Cherry Hill. And I'm sure they are great, but they are a satellite outlet for their main Philadelphia restaurant. And that hurts a little more.

So, what about our great Chinese restaurants here at the Jersey Shore? You know your favorite came to mind, so support them by mentioning them here.

My favorite in my town is Timing Kitchen in Point Pleasant, but many of my neighbors love Silver Lake Chinese Restaurant as well. And I bet you can name two or three for every town in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

And to further aggravate myself I checked Trip Advisor to see their best picks for Jersey Shore Chinese restaurants, and their top 7 were all in South Jersey. Toms River did get some love at #8 and #10 with Fortune Buffet and Xina.

Whichever your favorite, make sure you support them! And thank you to all our favorite Jersey Shore Chinese restaurants for being so awesome!

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