I know....to find an appointment to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine has been extremely tough.

The good news is that 130,000 vaccines will be coming to the Garden State over the next 3 weeks so more appointments will be opening up.

But knowing ALL of the Jersey Shore locations that will be offering the vaccine is just as important as knowing who is eligible because a lot of these sites are only allowing you to make appointments online on their individual website.

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So just a warning: right now, a lot of these places are currently full and not accepting appointments. To check each location's individual status, CLICK HERE.

But that will be changing soon and there could be a vaccination site that is closer to you than you thought.

So let's take a look by county and good luck out there.

Let's take a look at Monmouth County first:

All Monmouth County Locations Offering COVID-19 Vaccines - 2021

And now let's take a look at Ocean County locations:

All Ocean County Locations Offering COVID-19 Vaccine - 2021

Once again....these are all of the Monmouth & Ocean County locations that have been chosen to offer the COVID-19 Vaccine.

I am sure that more locations will pop up soon because the demand is so high.

Keep in mind that a lot of these locations are only accepting appointments on their individual websites so bookmark this page and keep an eye EVERY DAY if you are currently eligible.

For a more thorough look at all New Jersey locations, take a look HERE.

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