You know those news story that have you think to yourself, "What on earth did I just read?"

Well, not so shockingly enough, these types of stories happen all the time...and right in our neighborhood. So here are the most shocking, funniest, and yet, strangest stories at the Jersey Shore for 2017.

Mother Nature Goes Hot And Cold

Do you remember February 8th? Cape May County hit 71 degrees a day after the entire state cleaned up from a few inches of snow. And then BOOM....February 9th brought a whopping foot of snow within a matter of 24 hours.

Junior Prom Entrance Goes Too Far

The Pennsauken High School's Junior Prom had just about everything that could be expected. Girls dolled up in high heels and dresses, young men who cleaned up nice, and a girl arriving in a coffin? I am all for feeling "drop dead gorgeous" but can there be a boundary somewhere?

Alligator Discovered In Atlantic City Pool

Police just so happened to discover a three-foot alligator in the pool at the Bayview Inn & Suites in Atlantic City during the process of a drug bust and making various arrests. Turns out, the little guy was a star and had been featured in a music video! Luckily, animal control rescued him and took him to a zoo in Cape May County.

How The Squirrel Stole Christmas

When families in Sea Girt noticed their holiday lights and decorations were continuously getting destroyed, the police were on the case. Only to find, a hungry squirrel was the culprit. But don't worry, after being charged he was released on bail.

GPS Takes Truck On Boardwalk

An 18-wheel-tractor-trailer, somehow, ended up following a GPS's directions onto a boardwalk in Ventnor City. The driver lasted for three whole miles and the extent of the damage is still unknown.

Chris Christie Meme's Out

Boy did Christie piss people off when he implemented a statewide government shutdown of state-run beaches this past July. He made it even worse when news outlets captured photos of him on the beach with his family! That photo went viral and various hilarious memes were created.

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